The Farm in Spring

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This weekend I had a wonderful time at one of Ohio’s many great lakes and metroparks. This particular area has a lake, swamp, creek and a farm, so there’s much to see and do. After a scare with some snakes, and dashing through the trail, I came upon the swamp area. I’ve gone to that swamp many times, but this particular day was beyond amazing! Turtles were EVERYWHERE! I never knew that area even had turtles (or snakes for that matter) and I was in awe. I also came upon some loquacious frogs and napping geese, which are always a treat to watch. It makes me wonder, what else is hiding in the water that I have yet to discover?

After I finished walking my dog, I went on over to the farm, which was the original reason I left the house. A Farm in springtime is magical! I not only discovered the new precious lambs, but I saw some old friends in the horses, goat, hogs, chickens and even the cows. I was almost brought to tears when I saw how big last years newest bovine had grown. I took photos then, and I took photos now to show how the little calf has grown into a fine specimen, still hanging on to it’s mother’s side. Nature in spring, or the beginning of thereof, is a beautiful thing that I look forward to year after year.

calf 2012

Calf in May 2012

Grown Calf

Calf in April 2013

You can learn more about the beautiful parks of the region here at

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