Writing Prompt #2 pt. 3 (finale)

Part ONE

Part TWO


Maybe Clyde wasn’t all that bad after all. I shift to my side and quickly scoot closer towards the passenger door, which for the moment makes his hand drop from me. We’re still a ways from the city, but at least I can see the direction it’s in. I want out.

“You can let me out here, please.”

He whines, “Aw, come on little darlin’, I’m not leaving you all by your lonesome! We’re in the middle of nowhere here!”

“I can find my way, please let me out.” I state again, more firmly. Continue reading

Writing Prompt #2 pt.1

Five Items: You wake up in jail and have no memory of how you got there. As you pace around the cell, you find five items in your pocket from the night before. As you look at each piece, the … Continue reading