Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is to show one shot, in two ways. With this information on hand, I got in a few shots when I went to the Cincinnati Zoo specifically for this challenge 🙂 I will absolutely do a full zoo post tomorrow or so with more photos!!


Croc symmetry

Croc symmetry

A different angle
A different angle


A Quick Ode to my Surrogate Abode: My Library

 I consider the library so much more than just a destination, it’s an experience and a portal. It has opened up worlds upon worlds of excitement that would have otherwise gone unknown to me. With books, audio books, video games, dvds, cds, and other paraphernalia, it is a cornucopia of information. My library has inspired me to start book blogs, including this one, and has inspired me to write more so as maybe someday I can open my world to others as well. I have sleuthed with Agatha Christie, and have taken trips through George R.R. Martin’s mind; I’ve trekked through the Shire and crossed through the Phantom Tollbooth; I’ve found that the Sun Also Rises and have learned the Importance of Being Earnest! Yes, my library has opened the doors of fascinating places, and will continue to do so for as long as there are stories to share.

-Deneé J.

It’s National Library Week!

Spread some love to your local library!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic

I have recently discovered The Daily Post here on WordPress (I’m still a newbie and all) and it’s full of great ideas to get me posting more! This week’s writing challenge is “Iconic” and you can check out their site … Continue reading

Writing Prompt #2 pt. 3 (finale)

Part ONE

Part TWO


Maybe Clyde wasn’t all that bad after all. I shift to my side and quickly scoot closer towards the passenger door, which for the moment makes his hand drop from me. We’re still a ways from the city, but at least I can see the direction it’s in. I want out.

“You can let me out here, please.”

He whines, “Aw, come on little darlin’, I’m not leaving you all by your lonesome! We’re in the middle of nowhere here!”

“I can find my way, please let me out.” I state again, more firmly. Continue reading

Writing Prompt #2 pt. 2

Part ONE here


I point out the only other car in the small lot, and he drags me by arm.

A few minutes later, we’re winding down a back road full of run down farm houses and other places I’ve never deemed worth my time to travel to. I’m in the passenger seat and the thief, I now know as “Clyde NotMyRealName,” is driving with one hand and holding his gun on me with his other. The sirens were an apparent false alarm as we passed by the funky highway earlier, seeing that the police were just trying to control traffic. I’m not exactly sure what to do because, believe it or not, this is my first hostage situation so I shift in my seat to stare at him. He looks to be somewhere in his forties, with the definable features of scattered scruff along his jaw and a weird looking scar near his temple. He’s not all that bad looking, but really not all that handsome either; why he never considered wearing a mask in the store is beyond me. He doesn’t notice my scrutiny so I stare some more. And I stare. And stare. And–


I seemed to have struck a nerve. This crosses out my idea to begin an award-winning chorus of “The Song That Never Ends,” and gets me thinking that perhaps I should try reasoning with him instead.

“If you take that gun off me and let me go, I’ll stop staring at you.”

Perhaps I should just keep my mouth shut. He gives me a confused side glance,

“How about I take the gun off you and you keep quiet.” Good enough, I think, and I give a nod. He tosses the gun to the backseat.

“It’s not loaded anyway.”

Continue reading

Odysseus’ Farewell Speech

Here’s a little something I wrote a few years back after reading The Odyssey by Homer.

Alas, I can see, for the storm has cleared
Cleared me of sins and regrets
Hello to my homeland, gone for 19 years
Farewell to Danger and Death
So long to the memories on Calypso’s Isle
Good-bye to the blinded Plyphêmos
So long to Kirkê, Witch of beauty and trickery
Good-bye old rumors of Lord OdysseusTo my shipmates who all went down a blunder
Who fought through all their fears
May your memories forever more
Scorch my face in tears
Hello darling wife of devotedness
There were so many challenges you faced
Though being in doubt for 19 years
No suitor ever took my place

Thank you daughter of Zeus, Athena
My guardian god of war
You always prepared me by letting me know
exactly what I had in store
Leave me to rest Poseidon, my immortal enemy
Set me free of your anger and wrath
Note that what I did was for defense
So please set down your staff

My Son, my sweet Telemakhos
Haven’t seen you since you were ye high
I hope you are no longer clearheaded
And know what you want from life
To those unloyal men who courted my wife
When they thought I was dead and gone
Now slaughtered and off to Hades you are
Because I still remain strong

No more wet cheeks from disaster of before
No more Death walking through my door
No more ignorance and deceit from my men
No more wondering of my whereabouts from my kin

The time has come for a revolution
So I am here, after all these heart aching years
A reformation of Lordship is needed
While my Swineherd and Cowherd stay loyal here
My people stopped believing and stopped expecting my return
And they will learn to reap what they sow
Leaving all my perils and strives behind
It’s been a long trip, but I’m finally home

Alas, I can see, for the storm has cleared
Cleared me of sins and regrets
Hello to my homeland, gone for 19 years
Farewell to Danger and Death

-Deneé Jones