Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is to show one shot, in two ways. With this information on hand, I got in a few shots when I went to the Cincinnati Zoo specifically for this challenge 🙂 I will absolutely do a full zoo post tomorrow or so with more photos!!


Croc symmetry

Croc symmetry

A different angle
A different angle


I Suppose I Do Get Weary

The weather outside may look peachy keen,
but inside my soul has been set aflame
by the lightning of the storm that deals out rain
in waterfalls that flow into the river of my veins.

My weak heart.

Oh my weak heart that’s worn out from constant pain.

I suppose I do get weary.

I get weary of the advice from others thinking they can save me from the ache,
thinking that lectures they read somewhere will guide me in the right direction.

They don’t know.
They don’t know that this is familiar territory and I’ve walked this neighborhood time and time again.
They think they know from text, but I already know from experience,

and man do I get weary.

But I’ll smile that smile, nod that nod and laugh that laugh to keep it all down.

I’ll keep it down until it drowns in that river
Or until it burns out into ashes of black and silver.

 -Deneé J.

HDR Photography

Originally posted on my Portfolio on 9/23/2011
HDR means “High Dynamic Range” and it is a method of giving one’s photographs higher tonal ranges in shadows, highlights, and details. Using the tutorial from VanillaDays I have determined that there are basically two different ways of accomplishing this method; on the field and on the computer.
The first way would bring out the clearest photograph and that is by using your camera’s Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) mode. On your camera go to the menu and set the AEB mode to -2/ +2 stops. While you are photographing the subject of your HDR photo (make sure to use a tripod) you take three photos of it; one at normal exposure (0), one with less exposure (-2) and another that is more exposed (+2). Be sure that these files are being saved in RAW format for best results. After you’ve photographed your subject, turning it into a HDR image using photoshop is pretty easy. In photoshop, go to File –> Automate –> Merge to HDR, pick the three photos you took and click ok. When the window finally comes up you may edit it to your pleasing, save and you’re done!
The other way of doing HDR is on a single image, that maybe you already shot. Under a photo editing program, such as photoshop, open the file you wish to change. Save that image as a RAW or TIFF file. Then change the exposure settings (Image —> Adjust –> exposure on photoshop) to -2, save that file under a different name, and then with the original folder (or do STEP BACKWARD)  adjust the photo to +2, and save that with a different name. Using the aforementioned editing method, in Adobe Photoshop, go to File –> Automate –> Merge to HDR, pick the three photos you just saved, click OK and edit further to your pleasing.
Personally, I have yet to take my three photos on the field and try the first method, but I have tried the second method, and below are a few that came out sort of Okay. Practice makes perfect!
If you need any other help or further instructions you can go to VanillaDays tutorial for help. There are also a lot of books on HDR on amazon.com or your local bookstore.

 Before & After HDR photoshopping (All photos in this post are photographed by me and are my property)
There are also a lot of amazing HDR photos on Flickr. Just type HDR in the search box.

Spring has come

Spring has come, and the birds they chirp

all throughout the hours

Life erupts as the animals all flirt

and the snakes turn men into cowards.

The sweat, the rain, it has all fallen

and, well, there is that nice breeze

But that irritating, pesky pollen

brings a constant sneeze.

The flies and hornets have come to play

Those gnats that go straight for the eyes

I hate that I wished Winter away

and for that, I apologize.

-Deneé J.

(photo is my property)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Barn Sparrow

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Color! Albiet, the previous Weekly Writing Challenge photo I used would be more appropriate for my favorite color (It’s orange by the way.) Here’s a different photo of mine, of a different color: Red.

By the way, yes… I quite enjoy the Ohio rural farms.

Today, it rained

Rain pulls me into reverie
to bring me away from my harsh reality
Thunder shakes beneath my feet
Shaking the core
Jostling my soul
Clashing intervals most complete
Tink, Tap, Tlonk
Sweet small clatter of rain
Drops of random
The subdued pain
Light creates cracks
Bright flashes whitewash the sky
Rain forever
don’t let it die.

-Deneé J.