Spine Poetry #2



Good Kings bad Kings, 
Angels & Demons
 catching fire. 
 the fault in our stars.

Deneé J.


Spine Poetry #1

The Kill Order


Now this is my 1st attempt at it & I’ll name it The Kill Order

A drink before the war
, and then there were none. 
Their eyes were watching God
, bright young things
, body of a girl
. A lesson before dying.

-Deneé J.

I wish GRRM would make a Hodor POV like…

“Hodor!” said Hodor as he Hodored to the city. As he walked he could see that he hovered over everyone else there like a giant.

“Hodor, Hodor!” he had accidently stumbled into a brothel he assumed was an inn.

Staring eyes turn from shock to hilarity as they started shouting insults at the sight.
Turning fast to leave, Hodor knocked a table over, and slammed knee first into the filth ridden floor. Laughter insued.

“Hoooooodor-or-or-or” He cried, eyes misting and fists clenching.

“Oi boy come ‘er! Let me give you a hand.” A woman whispered as she tried to lift the giant. “yeh, that’a boy, I’ll dry those tears for ya lad. Yeh, I’ll make you feel better there, real nice. Come on over here, lad.” She motioned towards the stairs.

Hodor jumped up, made for the exit and pointed his finger, “HO-!” Hodor cried out in alarmed disapproval

“-dor” he whispered as he left.

-Deneé J.