This was entered in a little contest hosted by Half-Price Books blog, in which I did not win. :/ Anyhow, it’s national humor month and poetry month, which is why they wanted a humorous poem. The only thing we had to to was to make sure the word bump was used, and so here it is!


I’ve done it! It’s finished!
It’s all gone as planned!
I’ve built this fine bookcase
with my own two hands!

With mounds of tape
and cardboard and foam
I now have a place
for my books to call home

With books organized
They’re standing with pride
I stand back and smile
and admire all sides

But as I turn to leave
my shoulder, it bumps!
The case twists and turns
then falls to a hump!

“My babies!” I cry,
as they go in a heap
but I suppose that’s what I get
for being so cheap.

-Deneé J.


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