Presents left unopened.
December’s left behind.
The world has already started
it’s steady crumbling decline.

Innocence is broken
shattered, turned to ash
Guilt becomes unheard of
the grief has turned to mask

Too often we come together in sadness
misery, anger and tears…
We blame each other’s ignorance
and with this, it fuels our fears.

Stomp out in our frustration
and beg and plead ‘no more’
And go tread on like soldiers
in this never ending war

-Deneé J.

This poem derived from some feelings I was having after the Sandy Hook Elementary School catastrophe. May we keep their families, as well as others involved in these senseless acts, in our prayers.


2 thoughts on “Unopened

  1. I found it interesting that you said it was derived from feelings of the Sandy Hook Elementary School catastrophe because that was exactly what I thought of while reading. I completely agree with you on keeping them in our prayers. I hope together somehow we can make these senseless acts lessen.

    • Absolutely! It’s also nerve wrecking when you have family members in school, and now it doesn’t matter how old they are– from elementary to college– you still worry, because the truth is… you never know. Keeping faith and finding solutions is all we can ever hope for.

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