Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic

Birthplace of Aviation

I have recently discovered The Daily Post here on WordPress (I’m still a newbie and all) and it’s full of great ideas to get me posting more! This week’s writing challenge is “Iconic” and you can check out their site to get the scoop. The story I choose:

  • Personify your symbol and tell its story from its own perspective

I stand, erect in front of the town courthouse, as a reminder; a reminder of this city’s history, pride and future. Founded on April 1, 1796, this is The Birthplace of Aviation, and I’m damn proud to represent that! Don’t get me wrong, there are many other great ideas that reside in this city; why, Huffy made their first bike only a few blocks from here. There’s also some guy named John Patterson that did something with a cash register, but this isn’t why I’m here. Nope, I’m here because of a little ingenuity a couple of brothers developed. “They all laughed at Wilbur and his brother, when they said that man could fly.” Well…I’ve got the last laugh now! Haha!

But Everyday I go through seeing not only the beauty of the streets, but it’s struggles as well. Sometimes, on the town stage in front of me, I watch a very energetic Zoomba instruction. Other times I’ve seen public demonstrations about just about every hot button issue, and political rallies of the rest. Every so often, a musician or band even comes around to play for the public and it soothes my little metal soul to see the people smile as they walk through, or sit and listen. Women in suits, men in ties, both with briefcases swinging as they dart to and fro. The homeless carry bags of a different nature, at a much slower pace finding where next to go. I watch in defeat as a pickpocket is created, and smile off a tear when a donation is given. I watch tourists as they pass, in awe of this great city, and locals as they rediscover their grand home by the river.

There’s never a dull day here, rain or shine the city pulses to the beat of a propellor. Soaring to new heights with our excellence in healthcare, education and of course aviation, my home is my cocoon and I’m just happy to stand in the middle of it.


Can you guess the city?

-Deneé J.

(photo is my property)

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